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“This story will compel you to both laugh and cry, just as the title promises. May we all bring Nora’s honesty, passion and hope to our lives.” — Lena Dunham

For those of you who don't know...

Nora McInerny is an author, speaker, podcast-er, motivator, and all around inspiration based in Minneapolis who works to bring a new perspective to life's tragic, tough, and sometimes simply absurd, events.

Her book, It's Okay to Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too) received rave reviews when it was published in 2016. The true story of loving, caring, brain-tumor tinged relationship between Nora and her husband, Aaron. The book not only discusses how to manage the pain of loss (and manage to enjoy a few laughs in between), but also offer a few ideas "...for everyone who wondered what exactly they’re supposed to be doing with their one wild and precious life."

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It's Okay to Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too)
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You won’t do it because you are Superwoman, you’ll do it because it’s your life, and there is nobody who can live it for you.
— Nora McInerny

But in this age of on-the-go media, there's more than one way to reach an audience.  The second season  of McInerny's podcast, Terrible, Thanks for Asking is currently in production through American Public Media. Covering the sometimes sad, often inspiring stories of loss and hope, strength and despair in any situation through personal experiences and interviews, it takes the story, and the philosophy, started in It's Okay to Laugh to a whole new level.

Interested? There's more.


TTFA live at the Fitz

For devoted fans and "I can't believe I didn't know about this!" listeners alike, a new episode of the podcast will be playing live onstage at the Fitzgerald Theater, hosted by McInerny herself along with musical guests Dessa, Minneapolis' hip hop darling, and Geoffrey Wilson, who composed the TFFA theme song. New York-based comedian Alyssa Limperus will also be onstage offering her own humor-infused tales of tragedy and woe.

For more information, visit the official event page: Terrible, Thanks for Asking Live

And those who couldn't make it the live event need not despair: You can listen to Season One by clicking here,, or heading straight to iTunes to download here, TTFA podcast.


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