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Bob Gilbert presents his novel The Shady Elders of Zion

"The Shady Elders of Zion" is a Minnesota ghost story. Ivan Kalinsky, the book's narrator, is the last surviving Bolshevik from the class of 1917. When Stalin started purging Jews from the Communist Party ranks in the 1930's, Kalinsky escaped to Northern Minnesota, where he lived out a long life as a union organizer. Now dead, he's just about to happily ascend to heaven and reunite with his Bolshevik clan, when two pesky Hassidic ghosts, Singer and Himmelman, blackmail him into helping heal and redirect Joshua Bronstein. Bronstein is a damaged soul, and a candidate for the Lamed Vav, one of the thirty-six hidden righteous men from whom the messiah will be chosen when God decides it's time. And it becomes Kalinsky's charge to lead stubborn Bronstein out of his wilderness.

I was raised in a small town at the Jersey shore, studied political science and history at Bradley University in Peoria, IL and at American University in Washington, D.C. after which I worked for the Department Of Housing and Urban Development, taught for the Close-Up Foundation and wrote for the Washington Tribune and the Hill Rag. Relocating to Minnesota in 1984 to run an Iron Range congressional campaign, I decided to remain in the Land of LakesFor the past 22 years I've carved out a small literary life in the Twin Cities as a reporter writing art features and covering state politics and education issues for local newspapers while supplementing my income as a waiter in some of the area's finer restaurants I like to hang out with my three children, coach soccer, lead backpacking trips for the Sierra Club and stare down my five Russian tortoises who live in my basement and are named after dead Jewish relatives. "The Shady Elders of Zion" is my first novel.

Bob returned to D.C. in 2011 where he writes and waits tables at upscale restaurants, eavesdropping on ripe political discourse.

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