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Leroy Sorenson, Kristin Laurel, and James Bettendorf read poetry

LeRoy Sorenson began writing when he was a teenager: essays, commentary pieces, short stories and poetry. He has worked as a child psychologist, political organizer and financial analyst. He was one of four poetry participants in the 2009—2010 Loft Mentor Series and graduated from the Loft’s Foreword program in December 2014.

James Bettendorf taught math for 34 years at various levels and in his retirement begin writing classes at the Loft in Minneapolis, MN.  He completed a two year poetry internship in the Loft Master Track program in 2009 and has published a book of poems, “swimming in the earth”, which includes art by his daughter.  He has also had poems published in several journals including Rockhurst Review, Light Quarterly, Star Line, Ottertail Review, Talking Stick Vols. 18 - 24 and Free Verse along with several on-line publications.

Kristin  Laurel  is  a  mother  of  three, employed as an emergency room and helicopter-transport nurse.  She credits her  passion  for  poetry  to  The  Loft Literary  Center  (Minneapolis)  where she  began  taking  writing  classes  in 2005 and completed a two-year immersion program in poetry in 2011.  Her work has been published in numerous journals and anthologies  including  CALYX,  Evening  Street  Review,  Grey Sparrow Journal, The Main Street Rag, Naugatuck River Review, Raleigh  Review,  The  Talking  Stick,  and  others.  She  and  her partner  share  homes  in  the  mountains  of  Asheville, North Carolina and the lake town of Waconia, Minnesota.

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