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Bill Nemmers presents his novel 'Crude'

A short time after two elderly North Dakota farmers are found asphyxiated in their Buick, a New York developer proposes their isolated farm for an oil refinery. The story of the dead body merges with the refinery story causing a personal and financial explosion-New York money versus Dakota dirt; national big-business politics versus Dakota back-fence politics; oil versus agriculture; brash guys with private jets. But Crude is only peripherally concerned with oil. The story is really about ambition, passion, rejection and revenge. In other words, illicit oily sex and illicit oily money.

Bill Nemmers was born in Iowa. After college and two years in the US Army, he worked as an Architect in Boston. He then ran an Architectural Design and Planning business in Maine for three decades but now lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he is at work on a novel about the Cold War, and a nonfiction book about Prince Henry (the Navigator) of Portugal and his influence on 15th & 16th century Cosmology and Architecture.

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