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Liz Weir presents her new poetry book High on Table Mountain with Erin Hart

“In High on Table Mountain, by Elizabeth Weir, we enter a book of poetry that moves effortlessly between nature and art, sand sharks and Milton, the stars in the southern sky and early memories of childhood in England, including the stunning poem ‘Lamb,’ portraits of parents, and her life in the United States. Elizabeth Weir is a poet whose words evoke worlds, a sensuous writer who describes landscapes, seasons, visions of food and drink, old traditions and new ways to live. In these poems, as the poet writes, there is often ‘the ache of doubleness in our bones’ as the family settles into new rhythms in their new country. Weir's collection works beautifully in the truthful human territories of beauty, memory, deep sorrow, and in its acknowledgement of loneliness and kinds of distance, both geographical and personal.” 
– Deborah Keenan, author, From Tiger to Prayer

About The Author
Elizabeth Weir grew up in England and worked as an RN in South Africa before coming to live in Minnesota with her husband and two young sons. While raising the boys, she dipped into travel writing, weekly news reporting and arts reviewing; she also had a weekly column. Theatre is important to her. She received scholarships from the Star Tribune and New York Times to attend the Critics Institute in Connecticut as the reviewer of Twin Cities theatre for Talkin’ More recently, she served on her city’s planning commission and city council for seventeen years and became mayor, retiring at the end of 2014. In high school in England, she loved the wonder she found in poems but, in the rush of daily living, she lost poetry. She is grateful to poet Chet Corey of Normandale College, who reopened that closed door for her. The poems she most enjoy are windows where the mind acknowledges the pane but sees the world beyond.

If you live in the west 'burbs Liz will be at Excelsior Bay Books on April 19.

Erin Hart Bio

Before straying serendipitously into crime fiction, Erin trained to become a theater director, and has been variously employed as a stage manager, propmaster, editor and copywriter, writing teacher, journalist and theater critic. Born in Crawfordsville, Indiana, and raised in Rochester, Minnesota, Erin was educated at Saint Olaf College and the University of Minnesota.

After college she also promoted the work of traditional musician friends and helped co-found a local Irish Music & Dance Association. Erin met her husband, Irish accordion player Paddy O'Brien, just after returning from a trip to Ireland—when he asked her onstage to sing.

The Book of Killowen

After a year away from working in the field, archaeologist Cormac Maguire and pathologist Nora Gavin are back in the bogs, investigating a ninth-century body found buried in the trunk of a car. They discover that the ancient corpse is not alone—pinned beneath it is the body of Benedict Kavanagh, missing for mere months and familiar to television viewers as a philosopher who enjoyed destroying his opponents in debate. Both men were viciously murdered, but centuries apart—so how did they end up buried together in the bog?



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