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Pitchers, Catchers, and sTb's Annual Baseball Reading

Frank White

They Played for the Love of the Game: Untold Stories of Black Baseball in Minnesota

During the decades of segregation in Major League Baseball, black ballplayers in Minnesota were relegated to semipro leagues, barnstorming clubs and loose organizations of all-black teams, many of which are lost to history. Join Frank M. White, the son of one of those players, as he recovers the history of Minnesota's African American ballplayers who navigated denial, hardship and segregation for the love of the game. 

Rita Moe

Findley Place: A Street, a Ballpark, a Neighborhood

It’s the early 1950’s and you find yourself on Findley Place, a small one-way street in South Minneapolis—the sweetest spot in the city: just half a block from Nicollet Base Ball Park, home of the Minneapolis Millers.

Through a wide range of poetic forms—free verse, heroic couplets, jazzy riffs, blues, a ghostly ballad—you share in the bustle of game days, follow the lives of the street’s residents, listen to gossip from The Neighbor Lady.  A mix of historical facts and imagined characters, these poems jostle the street, the ballpark, and the neighborhood to life.

Margot Galt Fortunato

Up to the Plate: The All American Girls Baseball League

Based on interviews with former players of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League, Up to the Plate describes their delight in storming the field for the first game in 1943. Plays are chronicled with grit, speed and intensity. With photos taken from the players' own scrapbooks, Up to the Plate celebrates women athletes.

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