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Dawn Morningstar presents Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World

  • University Club 420 Summit Avenue Saint Paul, MN, 55102 United States (map)

ven er a ble: worthy of honor, love, and respect by virtue of wisdom and experience


Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World unveils the twelve ways women are born to change the world—starting within themselves.


Dawn Morningstar (yes, that’s her given name) set out on a quest to heal from an unusual and painful past, and for over twenty years committed her life to share what she learned by coaching, teaching, writing, and giving transformational talks. Yet it was what happened in her kitchen one day that gave her answers to deeper questions she longed for. On that day, she raised her hands toward the heavens and implored help from all of the women who had ever lived and all the women yet to be born, asking them to tell her what we all need to know to live our highest and best lives individually—and how we can transform our world for the better. In addition to observation, research, and experience from coaching hundreds, Dawn received answers and guidance from her query and shares those messages in the pages of her book.


In Venerable Women, Morningstar shows how some ancient and even present-day messaging regarding women is well hidden and keeps women feeling small and ineffective. Readers will also be enlightened on how Western women in the 21st century are destined to thrive, to lead, and to stand fully in their power (power within and with, not over). Venerable Women is a woman’s trusted companion in her daily inspiration and during times of transition, expansion, and growth.


Any woman who desires to manifest and live in a kind and loving world will see herself in the pages of this book—and will find a freshly illuminated path so she can take her rightful place in humanity’s evolvement. She knows this is why she is alive, and will benefit from standing heart to heart with other Venerable Women on the path. She will never be the same after reading this book—and will want its message to be shared with every girl and woman she knows.


“This book lovingly reminds us of a woman’s power, heart, and responsibility to embrace her own life for the good of us all.”

Joan Steffend, cofounder of Peace Begins with Me, former host of Decorating Cents on HGTV


“If you’re ready to step into the light and shine brightly, here is a perfect recipe.” 

Dana Wilde, host of The Mind Aware Show, author of Train Your Brain


About The Author

Dawn Morningstar is a master coach, educator, former radio talk show host, transformational speaker, and the grateful mother of two venerable daughters. As a heart-centered entrepreneur, she launched two businesses: one that provided fundraising for public schools, daycare centers, and non-profits, and the other coaching clients ready to live their highest and best lives. In 2007 Dawn coauthored Delicious Conversations: Arriving at Unexpected Moments of Joy (Gathering House) with Ruth M. Godfrey. Dawn founded Venerable Women in 2013 as an organization, a philosophy, and a movement with and for women who choose to manifest a kind and loving world, starting within themselves.

Dawn lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her little dog, Pica.

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