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Red Bird Chapbooks authors present their work

Join us in celebrating the release of A Little Book of Abundance. This poetry anthology celebrates the beauty of daily life, the bountiful gifts it provides. The authors belong to a poetry workshop led by Margaret Hasse for more than six years. With the understanding that good things often come in small packages, Margaret Hasse invited the poets to contribute to an anthology where abundance is evident in their sensibility, not in their length. Each of the poems selected for this collection radiates an attitude of appreciation forwhat is received.

Several of the contributing authors for A Little Book of Abundance will be reading including: 

Don Brunnquell
Anne Curtin
Margaret Hasse
Sharon Hilberer
Joan Johnson
Barbara Jones
Dorothy Schlesselman
Ann Schroeder

Don Brunnquell is a psychologist and bioethicist as well as poet. He believes reading and writing poetry has helped him remain centered in the abundant experiences of living. According to Anne Curtin, “Writing is like my legs––I need it to hold me up.” 

Margaret Hasse receives great joy from guiding the poetry workshop for the good people and talented writers featured in this chapbook. Nodin Pess will bring out Between Us, her fifth collection of poetry, in 2016.

Sharon Hilberer is a long-time teacher of English as a Second Language who finds abundant inspiration with writers, activists, and children. Often beginning with shreds of remembered or overheard conversations, her poems lead to unexpected places.

In her senior years, Joan Johnson resumed writing––forsaken during child rearing and career building. She lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, close to her family, and looks forward to her first chapbook, An Alphabet of Aging, from Red Bird Chapbooks in 2016.

Barbara Jones has been writing since high school, with a little digression into the practice of law. She is grateful for all health care providers and the abundance of support she receives from fellow writers, friends and family.

Dorothy Schlesselman is a visual artist as well as a poet whose first book of poems, This Wild Country, was released by Finishing Line Press in 2015. She’s grateful for the abundance of support from the Ginger Poets that’s led to publication opportunities.

Ann Schroeder discovered her love of words, language and literature in college. Taking the poetry plunge with Margaret Hasse and friends has been a wonderful way to stay connected to her writer-self and publish poems in Soundings and Whistling Shad.

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