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Tim Jollymore presents his novel 'The Advent of Elizabeth'

Twenty-four years have passed since the murdered girl was buried. The classmate who confessed to the stabbing is doing time. Both families moved out of town. Case closed? Justice done? Not so fast. As they converge on their California high school's 100th anniversary celebration, cryptic notes are unsettling members of the "Class of '67." Some question what they thought they knew.

Could a confused Doug Brandling have confessed to murder to cover for someone? Does his accuser, Elizabeth, really think she got it right? Is Finn, her lover of the time, certain he's done with Liz? Can old Snub Randall, teacher of the year, keep his hands off his student-conquest? Shouldn't Monsignor Phelan be able to keep his alterboys straight? Might Farley Pike, the lip flapping sissified-teacher, survive the advent of Elizabeth? Could Doug ever have his family back? Will the "real" murderer strike again, during the Santa Reina High Centennial? Is it possible for Elizabeth keep her pants on?

Satire, angst, ego, and surprise draw the reader through the threeday fete and lives so di erent from one another you wonder how they could hail from the same town. In Santa Reina, though, everyone has something to confess.

Tim Jollymore grew up next to the swamps, forests, and Indian reservations of northern Minnesota, the setting of his first novel.  He spent his working life as a tree planter, pulp peeler, local historian, traveling salesman, and corporate manager. After migrating to California, he pursued residential design, contracting, and the teaching of English. Jollymore earned his master’s degree in literature at the University of Minnesota. He has also studied architecture and education.

Since leaving teaching in 2011, he has devoted his time to fiction and drama, writing a five-act play, completing two novels and numerous short stories. He posts to his review blog frequently and has written a travel blog. His first novel, Listener in the Snow, will appear in June of 2014.

During summer, he camps across the western states to visit extended family in northern Minnesota. Otherwise, he writes in Oakland, California and shares free time with his sleepyhead, artist companion, Carol. He lives in northern California nearby his three grown children, one of whom writes. When he can, Jollymore yells and screams along with his Viking grandson.

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