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Rashelle Brown presents 'How to Reboot Your Body'

The secret to weight loss already exists and it lies within your body. Each person has the capacity to alter his/her own genetic make-up simply by developing and consistently following certain healthy lifestyle habits. "Reboot Your Body: A Step-by-Step Guide to Permanent Weight Loss" not only spells out what those healthy habits are but also guides you through the process of change in order to forge those habits and ultimately achieve permanent weight loss.
Backed by hundreds of hours of research and real-world trials, the method behind "Reboot Your Body" is designed to succeed where other weight-loss programs have fallen short. Rather than dictating what type of diet to follow or exactly how much and what type of exercise to do, "Reboot Your Body" allows you to retain control over those specific details while following a proven step-by-step change program.
Filled with facts, tips, and experiences from real-world individuals just like you, "Reboot Your Body" walks you through the real, lasting solution to permanent weight loss for every body type.

Rashelle Brown is the founder and owner of a successful personal training and weight loss coaching business, Full Potential Personal Training. Since her initial certification in 2008, her continuing education has been focused specifically on battling the obesity epidemic. In 2013, she completed more than sixty hours of a formal weight loss- and weight management-related study and obtained the advanced Health Coach certification. In addition to her professional certifications through the nationally accredited American Council on Exercise, she holds a bachelor s degree in Behavioral Science from the United States Air Force Academy. For the past six years, Rashelle has written blog posts and freelance articles covering a wide range of health and fitness topics and holds publishing credits in IDEA Fitness Journal and on the prominent and web sites. She is also a regular contributor to s ActiveRunner department, and she writes for the Health and Well-Being page of the PBS web site,

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