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Artist and retired broadcast journalist Jim Newman presents 'A Habit of Mind'

Combining comedy, adventure and satire, the book follows Doug, a good-looking, egocentric television news photographer in the Twin Cities. With his charm and stylish job, Doug’s only goal is his next conquest at the local pickup bar. Things change suddenly when a live broadcast turns downright tragic. Finding himself blamed for the incident and suddenly jobless, Doug goes rogue, crashing a station van into the Mississippi River. He goes on the run and starts his own broadcast for a competing station, AND FOR YOU TUBE, HIS STORIES shot completely with his iPhone.

 Soon Doug is joined by a former co-worker and past lover. Also fired, she’s recruited to join Doug and use her production skills to improve his WOEFULLY POOR WRITING SKILLS. Doug is thrust into a cross-country odyssey, and together the pair is faced not just with the challenge of FINDING STORIES EXCITING ENOUGH TO MAINTAIN THEIR GROWING NOTORIETY, but LEARNING HOW TO RELATE TO EACH OTHER AND  life’s hard lessons.

 The story is alight with comedy, brings the modern era of broadcast television news into question, and searches for love in world of self-absorption.

“My characters get caught up in the fray,” Newman said, adding jokingly, “you’ll have to read the book to find out what happens to them.”

Newman spent 15 years in broadcast journalism at WCCO (1975 to 1989before taking his dream job at Oregon Public Broadcasting, where he explored THE ENTIRE state on a show titled “Oregon Field Guide” (1989-2009).

“I tapped my television years very heavily for A HABIT OF MIND. There are good and bad things about the business, and my story touches on both,” Newman said.

 Newman has WORKED AS A a voice actor and PAINTER. Writing fiction, though, has always been Newman’s first love. After years of writing television scripts, HE WELCOMES THE FREEDOM OF WRITING FICTION.  “IT’S OPENED A WHOLE NEW WORLD FOR ME!”  HE SAYS..

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