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Author Talk and Book Signing With David Christopher Lewis

Experience a personal encounter with Saint Germain through his representative

Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy: HeartStreaming in the Aquarian Age may be the most advanced and inclusive text on spiritual alchemy since Hermes Trismegistus penned the Emerald Tablet.

David Christopher Lewis, clairaudient spiritual teacher, composer and talk radio contributor, will draw from his latest book to introduce the power of spiritual alchemy and reveal its deeper mysteries. He will discuss Saint Germain’s precise formulas on how to use alchemy to live an authentic and practical spiritual life for today. Explore how to move beyond the constraints of time and space and practice living a superconscious life. Learn how to co-create a world of real freedom, peace, and brother/sisterhood now.

This book contains unprecedented teachings from Saint Germain on attaining true enlightenment and personal transformation through a more transcendent experience of divine love. Saint Germain’s advanced alchemy and mastering the solar sciences are key to personal adeptship and union with the Divine. The master alchemist will overshine David as he answers your questions.

David is the cofounder of The Hearts Center, a spiritual movement and community dedicated to helping people everywhere realize their highest potential. He conducts seminars and pilgrimages worldwide and hosts regular online webinars and live broadcasts on diverse and timely spiritual topics.

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