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Merryn Glover presents her novel 'A House Called Askival'

Praise for House of Askival:

Jonathan Falla, author of The Craft of Fiction said:

“Askival is just what the best historical fiction should be: the individual story from the heart of great events. She does it with humour, compassion, and an acute sense of moral drama. Excellent.”

Cynthia Rogerson, author of I Love You, Goodbye said:

“Glover understands houses are never just houses.  Askival will break your heart.”

Sara Maitland, author of The Book of Silence said:

“The very first thing to say is how much I enjoyed reading it.  So much of it is so very good – and at various levels: the writing, the characterisation, the thematic concerns and the impressively subtle management of a very complex structure. I also found it interesting and in places very moving.”

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