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Tumblr star Ryan Chapman presents 'Conversation Sparks: Trivia Worth Talking About'

Author "photo" of Ryan Chapman

Author "photo" of Ryan Chapman

Jump-start any conversation with this collection of over 350 fascinating, little-known facts. Hand-drawn speech bubbles and a charming conversationalist add personality to memorable tidbits on everything from the number of shipping containers lost at sea (about one per hour!) to now-retired Twinkie flavors (banana cream). Who knew that any month beginning on a Sunday will have a Friday the 13th? Or that there are more cell phones in the world than toothbrushes? Engaging and addictive, this is trivia with character.

Ryan Chapman works at BOMB magazine. His work has been featured by Buzzfeed, Mashable, and The Huffington Post. His book Conversation Sparks, based on his Webby Award-nominated Tumblr, is published by the good people at Chronicle Books. He lives in (surprise!) Brooklyn.

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