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Cynthia Kraack launches 'The High Cost of Flowers'

The High Cost of Flowers launch event will be held Wednesday, April 12, at 7:30 p.m. at SubText Books, 165 Western Avenue N, in St. Paul, MN. Author Cynthia Kraack will discuss and read from her first contemporary novel. Members of The Patience Band will play a short set built on the book’s themes.

Families nourish and challenge. Birth and death bracket decades of daily living and changing relationships. How an individual is known in the world might not be what people who shared a dinner table believe to be true. The High Cost of Flowers, the first contemporary novel by prize-winning author Cynthia Kraack, captures an American family at the critical period when its relevancy is questioned.

Kraack explores social issues weighing on every person who claims membership in a family unit. The Kemper family has secrets behind each individual’s tastefully decorated front door. Katherine Kemper’s infidelity and dishonesty marked her children’s development. As adults they have little emotional connection beyond often-bitter memories of difficult holidays. Carrie and Todd live in comfortable suburban homes, have adorable children and their mother’s fondness for alcohol. Rachel, a minor celebrity psychologist and author, keeps a buffer state between her wounded marriage and the Kemper’s toxicity. As Katherine slowly slides into dementia, each member of the family struggles. Art mourns his wife’s decline yet reaches out to Rachel, the daughter Katherine banished.

Cynthia Kraack’s first novel, Minnesota Cold, won the 2009 Northeastern Minnesota Book Award for Fiction. Beside Minnesota Cold, her work includes the Ashwood trilogy of speculative fiction, and a number of recognized short stories. She completed a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Southern Maine’s Stone coast Program in Creative Writing, is a graduate of Marquette University’s College of Journalism and holds a Master’s in Labor Economics and Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota. She is a founding member of Write On, Door County, a regional writing center and writing residency program.

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