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Andy Steiner presents 'How to Survive'

We’ve all had the rug pulled out from under us by an unexpected trauma. In the short term it can make life seem impossible. But we go on. Most of us do anyway. Some don’t. But we all go through change.

In How to Survive: The Extraordinary Resilience of Ordinary People, Andy Steiner shows how subjects adapted to challenging circumstances, and offers readers insights and resources for their own lives.

Steiner, who writes the “Mental Health & Addiction” column for MinnPost, and who has written three books and hundreds of magazine pieces, spent time with more than a dozen subjects over the course of two years to document these stories. In the book readers will learn the details of how subjects endured such things as:

  • A massive heart attack.

  • Bankruptcy.

  • The revelation of a partner’s hidden gambling addiction.

  • The death of a spouse.

  • The suicide of a family member.

  • The sudden responsibility of caretaker.

And more. It is a book of uncommon wisdom and empathy, and gorgeous writing from one of Minnesota’s top journalists.

Advance Praise for How to Survive: The Extraordinary Resilience of Ordinary People

"I found much to admire about Andy Steiner's book, How to Survive: The Extraordinary Resilience of Ordinary People. This book will be a valuable resource for people navigating their way through their own struggles.”
— Dan Buettner is the author of the best-selling The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who’ve Lived the Longest. He is an American explorer, educator, and public speaker.

“Andy Steiner has accomplished something special in How to Survive: The Extraordinary Resilience of Ordinary People. The book not only offers an anthology of inspiring recovery stories but resources and insights from those working in emotional wellness. It’s a wonderful guidebook on how to get through difficult times.”   
— Cris Mazza is the author of Something Wrong With Her and more than a dozen other books. She won the PEN/Nelson Algren Award for her novel How to Leave a Country. She directs the Program for Writers at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Andy Steiner is a writer and editor whose work has appeared in Utne Reader, Fitness, Ms., Glamour and Self. Author ofSpilled Milk: Breastfeeding Adventures and Advice from Less-Than-Perfect Moms, she lives in St. Paul,

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