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Katelyn Mariah presents 'Empowered Health and Wellness: Awakening Your Inner Physician'

"Empowered Health
and Wellness:

Awakening Your Inner Physician"

Written by Katelyn Mariah BFA, MA

I wrote this book for you!  I have discovered many secrets to healing through my own journey and I feel I have a responsibility to share them with you!

We are on this planet to thrive and we don't have to be sick on any level, we just need to know a few things that can change the view so we can be in Health, abundance and Well-being.  My book is a road map to help you find those treasures!

Dr. Mehmet Oz is an advocate of Alternative Medicine.

"I think that we're beginning to globalize medicine now," Oz said. "You have to take Eastern approaches and bring them to the West, and share West with the East."

Music has an essential effect on how we feel. During surgery Oz listens to high-energy songs by Bruce Springsteen, but music isn't only for the doctors. During recovery patients are invited to join in music therapy. While singing "Dream a Little Dream" with recovering patients, Oz explains that singing prompts deeper breathing and healing.

"We used to spend hours asking folks to take deep breaths, and this accomplishes that goal," Oz said.

According to Oz "energy medicine" is at the forefront of healing, but he acknowledges that he is sometimes a lone pioneer in this field."

Empowered Health and Wellness will give you hope and get you excited about the idea of being healthy again!  Even though the book is about Katelyn's personal physical healing journey there is so much more that will add value to anyone's life.  Discover how to change how you think and become the master of your own reality whether you are struggling with physical illness or just wanting to take things to another level, this powerful book with effectively shift your consciousness. Learn how to transform yourself using your illness as a guide.  You don't want to wait until you are sick to learn how to engage your inner physician.  You can learn from reading this book how to use your inner physician.  

Katelyn invites you into her personal world of self healing in an open and vulnerable way that exudes passion and encourages you to start dreaming again.  In the book she takes you on her personal wellness journey as she shares her stories and alternative techniques used to heal herself from issues she was told would not heal.  It is her hope that her success will inspire you to look at your own healing journey in a new way. Katelyn is tenacious in her search for balance and well-being.  She introduces the concept of the Inner Physician, that part of your consciousness that knows what your body needs in order to come back into balance.  Just reading the book will activate the Inner Physician and you will notice you are being informed in a new way and you will gain an understand on how to engage your inner healing wisdom.  Through the book you will learn how to awaken and interact with your Inner Physician and discover your personal ally in healing.

This book is an intimate look at Katelyn's personal journey so it is vulnerable, juicy and raw at times.  Katelyn allows you into that sacred space inside that is authentic and lets you see the good, the bad and the ugly. She takes you inside and through illness to the other side and a return to health that is possible when you call on your Inner Physician.  The book is a combination of her healing stories, the alternative healing techniques she used and a resource guide.



Katelyn Mariah,


Katelyn is passionate about health and wellness and empowering others to reach their optimum wellness.
She is a visionary artist and expressive arts therapist with training in art therapy, sandplay therapy, and play therapy.  She studied fine arts at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and the University of Minnesota where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.  She received a Master's Degree from Saint Mary's University in Winona, Minnesota with an emphasis in Psychology, Art Therapy and Child Abuse.  She has Professional and Advanced training from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington. 

Katelyn's career as a psychotherapist spanned 26 years before she retired to pursue a career in health, wellness, alternative healing and nutrition.  Using the combined gifts of art and psychotherapy she worked with children at risk of abuse and neglect and their families.  Katelyn Served as the President of the Minnesota Art Therapy Association for a 2 year term and on the Board of the Minnesota SandPlay Therapy Association for three years.  Katelyn was an LICSW and retired that license in 2011.

Katelyn designed and developed a therapeutic game for children to explore and express healthy anger, called Angry Animals which has been a best seller for over 25 years in the field of psychology and education.  She also  created a spiritual meditation deck called Awaken The Goddess which explores the divine feminine through images which she painted intuitively.  Her original essay called The Inner Physician is a chapter that is included in an anthology compiled by Erica Combs that included best selling authors Mark Victor Hansen and Jim Rohn, called Writing from the Heart.

Katelyn has been visionary artist for the last 25 years and it is an expression of her transformation and connection to Spirit. She is a gifted intuitive and empath and this plays a big part in the work she does with people.  Katelyn has been on a path of personal transformation and evolving consciousness for 30 years studying shamanic traditions around the world.  She studied with Americo Yabar, a shaman from Peru, Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo a Cherokee Lineage holder, a teacher in Hawaii and LuzClara, a Medicine Woman in Chile.  Katelyn has been initiated into the traditions of the Mesa Carrier, Kultrun Carrier and The PeaceKeeper.

Katelyn is the mother of two adult children, Nathan and Carrie and grandmother to Goma.  She lives in St. Paul, MN in the United States.

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