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Rachel Coyne presents 'The Patron Saint of Lost Comfort'

"Her characters may appear tough and bruised, but they remain, at heart, tender and hopeful."—Jane McLoughlin, At Yellow Lake

About Rachel Coyne's previous novel, Whiskey Heart, Jonis Agee writes: "Coyne understands the human heart—she knows all the dark corners, twisted by the heat and hurt of love, and she knows the odd paths back from ruin."

Rachel Coyne is a novelist and poet who lives in Lindstrom, Minnesota. A graduate of the Perpich Center for Arts in Minnesota and Macalester College, she is a devotee of Pablo Neruda, Don Williams songs, and vintage editions of Jane Eyre. Her previously published works include a novel titled Whiskey Heart and a children's book titled Daughter, Have I Told You?

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