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Habibo Haji presents 'Conquering the Odds: Journey of a Shepherd Girl'

Habibo says this of her fascinating memoir: "This book is based on my life experience living in a primitive village in Balcad Somalia with my grandmother where I worked as a shepherd and nomad from the age of four. I survived crocodiles, jackals, malaria and civil war. I also survived the largest refugee camp in the worldDadaab. I came to America not knowing a world of English and now work in one of the most prestigious medical facilities in the world. I conquered the odds! I hope this is an encouragement to all to never give up!"

This work was co-authored by Joseph Culhane.

Buzz about this event:

“I would like to empower individuals. I would like to share my ups and downs and my pain and my success with them and say, ‘Look, you can overcome anything. It’s how you view what’s present and in front of you.”

This blurb is found in the Twin Cities Daily Planet article titled: "From Crocodiles to Refugee Camps, Habibo Haji's Incredible Journey"


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