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Poetry and Short Fiction with James Cihlar and Christopher Tradowsky

James Cihlar is the author of the poetry books Rancho Nostalgia (Dream Horse Press, 2013) and Undoing (Little Pear Press, 2008), and the chapbooks A Conversation with My Imaginary Daughter (Bloom, 2013), and Metaphysical Bailout (Pudding House Press, 2010). His writing has been published in the American Poetry Review, Court Green, Smartish Pace, The Rumpus, Prairie Schooner, Lambda Literary Review, and Forklift, Ohio. He is the recipient of a Glenna Luschei Award from Prairie Schooner, the 2012 Bloom Chapbook Prize, and two Minnesota State Arts Board Fellowships for Poetry. For more on Jim:

Tradowsky on Tradowsky: I am an art historian and theorist, and my daily life consists of three main activities: teaching (about art and its histories), writing (often about art, but sometimes about other things) and making art, both images and some assembled objects. I am currently a visiting assistant professor at Saint Olaf College, where, happily, I get to teach subjects that are continuously fascinating to me. I’ve taught courses on modern art, contemporary art (Art Since 1945), really contemporary art (Art Now),  African art, and gender and sexuality in art since modernism, just to name a few.

I have a PhD in art history from UCLA, with a specialty in contemporary art and critical theory. A long-standing interest in appropriation art led to a dissertation on the work of Sherrie Levine. I am currently reworking this book-length study into shorter, zippier articles about the importance of appropriation as a tactic in the art of the moment. I am also deeply invested in feminism and queer theory, and am dedicated to keeping both traditions vital, and the link between them strong. for more:

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