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Rae Katherine Eighmey presents Abraham Lincoln in the Kitchen: A Culinary View of Lincoln's Life and Times

Abraham Lincoln in the Kitchen is a culinary biography unlike any before. The very assertion of the title--that Abraham Lincoln cooked--is fascinating and true. It's an insight into the everyday life of one of our nation's favorite and most esteemed presidents and a way to experience flavors and textures of the past. Eighmey solves riddles such as what type of barbecue could be served to thousands at political rallies when paper plates and napkins didn't exist, and what gingerbread recipe could have been Lincoln's childhood favorite when few families owned cookie cutters and he could carry the cookies in his pocket. Through Eighmey's eyes and culinary research and experiments--including sleuthing for Lincoln's grocery bills in Springfield ledgers and turning a backyard grill into a cast-iron stove--the foods that Lincoln enjoyed, cooked, or served are translated into modern recipes so that authentic meals and foods of 1820-1865 are possible for home cooks. Feel free to pull up a chair to Lincoln's table.

Rae Katherine Eighmey has been rediscovering original, historic-period recipes for the past two decades. Her expertise in translating these American classics from the past 175 years into recipes for today’s kitchens has led to four cookbooks. Three of them -- A Prairie Kitchen, Hearts & Homes and Potluck Paradise, new in October 2008, are available from the Minnesota Historical Society Press. Her next book, Winning the War with Food, a study of World War I food conservation on the home front with more than 100 recipes, was published in 2009.

An award winning writer and cook, Eighmey is an authority on 19th and early 20th century Midwestern cookery. She has worked with historical societies, museums and groups to design menus or recreate dishes for special events, has written articles and given numerous presentations on her research. Eighmey served as one of the project scholars for Key Ingredients, a 12-site, state-wide, Smithsonian Institution Museum on Main Street exhibit coordinated by the Minnesota Humanities Commission.

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