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Rachael Freed discusses "Your Legacy Matters: Harvesting the Love and Lessons of Your Life--A Multi-Generational Guide for Writing Your Ethical Will"

Your Legacy Matters is a guide for men and women of all ages, faiths, and circumstances. It takes us on the life-changing journey of legacy writing to harvest our life experience and learning for our loved ones and future generations. This modern interpretation of the ancient ethical will gives us a practical method to find spiritual peace in our chaotic world. Legacy letters articulate our values, history, stories, learning, and blessings for those we care about. Included is guidance for writing legacy letters to accompany our wills and living wills, emphasizing their use to initiate important family conversations. Beyond the precious treasure we leave the future, our yield produces a remarkable and profound experience that addresses universal needs deep within each of us.

Rachael Freed is the author of Women's Lives, Women's Legacies: Passing Your Beliefs & Blessings to Future Generations, The Legacy Workbook for the Busy Woman, and Heartmates: A Guide for the Partner and Family of the Heart Patient. A Senior Fellow at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing, emerita clinical social worker and licensed marriage and family therapist, Freed creates and presents legacy programs for groups, organizations, and institutions. Learn more at

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