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Paul Mohrbacher presents his second novel 'Brothers'

Brothers, a novel by Minnesota author Paul Mohrbacher, delves into the relationship of sixty-something siblings who have been estranged for several years. Once close, their different life choices drew them apart, half a continent, in fact, with Nick living in California and Ben staying in their Midwestern hometown. The real breach came with Nick’s advancing alcohol and drug addiction, complicated by his cavalier approach to nearly everything in life. His choices ultimately led to grave illness and homelessness.

Brothers opens at their first meeting in several years. Driven by guilt but mostly by his quest for the truth behind his wife’s death six years earlier, Ben travels to visit his brother, now a resident of a California board-and-care home.
For all its seriousness, what could be a dark tale, in Mohrbacher’s adept hands turns into “a romp, a lark” says Mary Logue, author of Lake of Tears. “Brothers is truly a gem of a story,” continues Logue. “Their raucous and rare reunion is one you will never forget. I loved it.”

Brothers is Mohrbacher’s second novel. His debut novel, The Magic Fault, is a tale of modern crusaders and the Shroud of Turin. His playThe Chancellor’s Tale won first place in the 1991 Julie Harris Playwright Award Competition for its portrayal of turmoil within the Roman Catholic priesthood. For more than 30 years, Mohrbacher played key roles in public and community relations at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

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