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Contributors to Vision Loss Resource's anthology The Way We See It

These stories all have something in common. Sure, each one is the story of vision loss and its consequences. But there is something else. Something perhaps not so easy to see. These are stories about all of us. About our fears and our hopes. Our doubt and our courage. About our disabilities, and our abilities to put them in their proper place. About mountains that can seem much too high. And about closing our eyes and climbing them anyway. A 12-year-old boy. A 92-year-old woman. A professor of genetics. A ballroom dancer. A golfer. Through the eyes of these people who have lost their sight, we see clearly the enduring power of the human spirit. We only need to know where, and how, to look. These are stories of people with impaired vision. They are stories that will open our eyes. — Warren Hanson, llustrator and author The Next Place, The Steeple, A Cup of Christmas Tea, Kiki’s Hats, and more.

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