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Anne Litwin presents New Rules for Women: Revolutionizing the Way Women Work Together

Groundbreaking Insights and Practical Strategies for Strengthening

Women’s Relationships in the Workplace for the Success of Every Business

A major force in today’s workforce, women hold 51 percent of managerial and professional jobs across the U.S. Yet, only 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, and the ranks of women serving on corporate boards remains around 12 percent. As recent studies affirm, companies with more women at the top boast a higher ROI—by about 35 percent. So, why aren’t there more women at the top of more companies? Men don’t deserve all the blame. Many women, as studies also affirm, prefer a male boss because, in their experience, women in positions of authority are difficult to work with and tougher on women than they are on men.                                               

Why do women often feel belittled, betrayed, or sabotaged by other women in the workplace? NEW RULES FOR WOMEN: Revolutionizing the Way Women Work Together (Third Bridge Press; September 2014; $19.95 Hardcover; ISBN: 978-0-9820569-8-1) delves into this vexing and vital question. Based on her original research into women’s relationships, communication, and expectations at work, Dr. Anne Litwin reveals startling paradoxes that spur misunderstandings, conflict, and resentment between women on the job. Beyond shedding light on the problem, Dr. Litwin offers workable solutions to help women develop more supportive relationships with female colleagues at every level—for the sake of their own job satisfaction and their organization’s success, as well as the advancement of women.                                                 


In NEW RULES FOR WOMEN, readers will learn:  

  • How women’s definition of friendship can complicate relationships at work—and how to establish, recognize, and manage workplace role boundaries without offending or alienating other women.
  • How workplace gossip—which men as well as women engage in—can be constructive, and how to encourage clear, direct communication between women.     
  • How to overcome negative stereotypes of powerful (and helpless) women and change hurtful and harmful gender-specific patterns, including grownup “mean girl” behavior.
  • How to promote company policies, procedures, and a culture that leverage women’s strengths, from empathy to team- and consensus-building.       

Anne Litwin, Ph.D., is an organizational consultant, executive coach, and trainer specializing in leveraging diversity, including gender differences, for business success. Her clients range from small nonprofits to Fortune 100 companies and have included corporations such as Hewlett-Packard, Lucent Technologies, Microsoft, Novartis, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Texas Instruments, and Verizon. She is co-editor of Managing in the Age of Change and has written numerous articles on gender differences and women’s leadership. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts.   

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