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"After the Winter" by Guadalupe Nettel

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"After the Winter" by Guadalupe Nettel


A novel by Guadalupe Nettel, translated by Rosalind Harvey

In Havana, Paris, and New York City, Claudio and Cecilia succumb to our implacable movement towards love.

Claudio’s apartment faces a wall. Rising from bed, he sets his feet on the floor at the same time, to ground himself. Cecilia sits at her window, contemplating a cemetery, the radio her best companion. In parallel and entwining stories that move from Havana to Paris to New York City, no routine, no argument for the pleasures of solitude, can withstand our most human drive to find ourselves in another and fall in love. And no depth of emotion can protect us from love’s inevitable loss.

About the author:
Guadalupe Nettel was voted one of the thirty-nine most important Latin American writers under the age of thirty-nine at the Bogotá Hay Festival in 2006. She has lived in Montreal and Paris and is now based in Mexico City. Her previous books include Natural Histories and The Body Where I Was Born.

Rosalind Harvey is an award-winning literary translator and a teaching fellow at the University of Warwick. She has worked on books by Guadalupe Nettel, Elvira Navarro, Enrique Vila-Matas, and Héctor Abad Faciolince, among others.

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