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Books are meant to be shared.

Each month, Subtext Bookstore in downtown St. Paul offers a dynamic and diverse selection of book clubs to bring what you've read from the pages of your favorites (or least favorites) out into the world.

While reading is typically a solitary act, we are not islands unto ourselves. Come out and share what you've read/learned/discovered with other like minds in the g

rand city of St. Paul. Who knows? You just might learn something, gain a new perspective, or make a lifelong friend.


with Ranelle Kirchner

Read. Cook. Eat. Discuss.

To sign up for Subtext's monthly cookbook club, email Ranelle Kirchner at

Up next: Feast: Food of the Islamic World | Subtext Bookstore | Note the new date & time: Tuesday July 31st 7pm.


with Matt Keliher

This relaxed gathering of individuals offers new perspectives on a chosen monthly theme. You can read from the list of suggestions, or choose a book on your own that fits the theme, and join us to discuss the twists and turns of plot lines while working out to some 16oz curls.

Next theme: Out of This World, or a book set in space or on another planet | July 31st at 7pm


with Timothy Otte

Poetry Book Club is an opportunity to join other readers in discussion of a book of poetry. Simply read the book and come to the discussion with an open, generous, and curious mind.

Up next: Blood Dazzler by Patricia Smith  | SubText Bookstore | Sunday, July 8th at 3:00 PM


with Jeff Kamin

Check & @booksandbars on Twitter for updates along the way.

July: They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us by Hanif Abdurraqib | Amsterdam Bar | July 11th, 6:15pm

Moon Palace Books | July 10 |  7:00pm


The resistance reads books.

Third Monday of each month at Subtext Bookstore.

Up next: #NeverAgain by David and Lauren Hogg | Subtext Bookstore | July 16th at 7pm

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