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H.G. Wells Book Club/Class

  • SubText Books 6 West 5th Street St. Paul, MN 55102

Join Sue Zumberge and Justin E.A. Busch on an exploration through the works of H.G. Wells. This book club/class will take place every Tuesday in June at 7:00 PM (starting June 6th), and the registration fee is $50. Please register by the third week of April. For more information and to register, call the store at 651-493-2791. 

H.G. Wells wrote over one hundred books and uncounted thousands of shorter pieces, ranging from science fiction to sociology, romantic comedy to history, ghost stories to economics, and, above all, the greatest of modern utopias. We will read four of his most successful books: The Time Machine, Men Like Gods, The Rights of Man, and The Croquet Player. George Orwell doubted "whether anyone who was writing books between 1900 and 1920, at any rate in the English language, influenced the young so much."

Our guide Justin E.A. Busch, author of The Utopian Vision of H.G. Wells, will lead the group on a thrilling exploration of the most powerfully exciting ideas and writings which made, and continue to make, H.G. Wells so perennially relevant. 

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